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Paper Digest and Notes

VMI Related

“Out-of-the-box” Monitoring of VM-based High-Interaction Honeypots (RAID 2007)
Towards a VMM-based Usage Control Framework for OS Kernel Integrity Protection (SACMAT 2007)
Countering Persistent Kernel Rootkits Through Systematic Hook Discovery (RAID 2008)
Process Implanting: A New Active Introspection Framework for Virtualization (SRDS 2011)
EagleEye: Towards Mandatory Security Monitoring in Virtualized Datacenter Environment (DSN 2013)
Space Traveling across VM: Automatically Bridging the Semantic Gap in Virtual Machine Introspection via Online Kernel Data Redirection (Oakland 2012)
HYBRID-BRIDGE: Efficiently Bridging the Semantic Gap in Virtual Machine Introspection via Decoupled Execution and Training Memoization (NDSS 2014)

Virtualization Related

NoHype: Virtualized Cloud Infrastructure without the Virtualization (ISCA 2010)
Eliminating the Hypervisor Attack Surface for a More Secure Cloud (CCS 2011)
KVM/ARM: Experiences Building the Linux ARM Hypervisor (Technique Report 2013)
Dune: Safe User-level Access to Privileged CPU Features (OSDI 2012)
Virtual Ghost: Protecting Applications from Hostile Operating Systems (ASPLOST 2013)