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Virtual Ghost: Protecting Applications From Hostile Operating Systems


protect application from compromised or even hostile OS.


重新编译OS,对其进行Instrumentation,创建一个Ghost memory,不能被OS所读和做修改。然后通过SVA(Secure Virtual Architecture)来做CFI。


我觉得这篇论文最大的收获是它定义了一个hostile OS 都会做那些事:

  • Data access in memory: directly read/write, manipulate EPT to read/write, DMA read/write.
  • Data access through I/O: directly read/write through File System, read/tamper data transfered via syscall to/from external device, using mmap.
  • Code modification attack: modify app’s native code directly, load a malicious program file when starting app, transfer control to a malicious handler, link a malicious library.
  • Interrupted Program State Attacks: read interrupt state to glean sensitive information, modify the interrupt program state.
  • attack through system service: compromise the degree of randomness, return a pointer into the stack via mmap, grant the same lock to two different threads at the same time, introducing data races with unpredictable (and potentially harmful) results.