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“Out-of-the-box” Monitoring of VM-based High-Interaction Honeypots

Software-based VMM Qemu - Binary Translation

honeypot project:

VMscope,提供和Sebek相同的语义信息,而且和external monitor(network sniffer)一样安全

Sebek: - LKM hook system call: sys open, sys read, sys readv, sys pread64, sys write, sys writev, sys pwrite64, sys fork, sys vfork, sys clone, sys socketcall.

  • intercept subsequent invocation, record arguments and context information(UID, PID)

    • send log to remote trusted Sebek server “anomalies”:
    • modification on the system call table
    • inconsistency in the statistics
    • existence of a hidden Sebek module rootkit can re-overwrite those system call entries

    use interpretation code to resolve the semantic gap!

    e.g.: for sys_execve

    • ebx contains process name
    • ecx contains address of argv[]
    • edx contains address of envp[] VA -> PA by walking page table


  • 感觉就是比较早期的VMI的paper,套了一个HoneyPot的外壳,还用了Qemu这种Binary translation的VMM,使的interception变得更好做了,然后里面提到一些现在用的VMI的技术比如VA到PA的转换之类的,来解决semantic gap的问题。

VM fingerprint detected malware:

- Thwarting Virtual Machine Detection (NDSS'07)
- Remote Detection of Virtual Machine Monitors with Fuzzy Benchmarking
- Remote Physical Device Fingerprinting  (S&P'05)
- Pioneer: Verifying Integrity and Guaranteeing Execution of Code on Legacy Platforms (SOSP'05)